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Publisher : Umut Saray
Journal Name : International Scientific and Vocational Studies Journal
Status : Pending
Country : Turkey
ISSN : 2618-5938
Subject : Engineering & Technology
Frequency : halfyearly
Start Year : 2017
Valid UPTO : 17-04-2019
Description : The International Scientific and Vocational Studies(ISVOS) Journal is an peer-reviewed internationally respected journal which is published twice a year. In the International Scientific and Vocational Studies Journal, original research on all disciplines are accepted. International Scientific and Vocational Studies Journal is online, open access, double blind peer-reviewed, international research journal. Language of the journal is English and Turkish. ISVOS Journal have been publishing twice a year in June and December. Our Journal's aim is to share knowledge with academicians, teachers and students of all disciplines, both in their own fields and colleagues, by gathering scientific and professional studies. However, our another aim is to provide an internationally appropriate platform with the necessary features by discussing multidisciplinary innovations for provide a better education for future generations. We hope that our journal will bring a new perspective to that platforms and will contribute to multidisciplinary studies.